16 Apr

Try a Taipan! Win a Taipan! Earn a Free Taipan!

If you haven’t tried it yet, the Forth Circle Discs Taipan is the Australian owned overstable distance driver and is a beast for headwinds and massive skip shots!

Your chance to win a Taipan from Cutroll Media or stack up a huge discount on one from Portal Disc Sports!

Try a Taipan with $3 off per $20 other disc spend!

Until the end of April 2019 get $3 off a Forth Circle Discs Taipan for every $20 spent on any other disc in stock!  The discount is automatically applied in the checkout so just grab what you need and add a Taipan to your cart and your discount will stack.  Spend $20, get a Taipan $3 off, Spend $40 get $6 off, you get the idea!  The discount stacks so add enough goodies to your cart and you could even get a shiny new Taipan FREE!!!

Win a Taipan with Cut Roll Media!

Check out the video review where Cut Roll Media put’s it through it’s paces to help you decide if the Taipan will find it’s way into your bag.  Be sure to follow Cut Roll Media on Youtube to help bring more awesome Aussie Disc Golf content to the channel.

To be in the chance to Win a Taipan from Cutroll Media just like the vid, subscribe to the channel and get a bonus entry for commenting on the video of what you think of the disc or review!  Get on it!

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