Innova Thunderbird

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The Thunderbird is speed 9 driver with controllable, accurate flights. It has the stability of a TeeBird with the speed of a Valkyrie

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Innova Thunderbird

The Thunderbird comes from strong bloodlines. The stability of a TeeBird with the speed of a Valkyrie; it can be described as a seasoned Firebird with less fade. The Thunderbird is predictable in wind and a great long range placement driver. Pros will appreciate the shot shaping ability of this driver while less experienced players will find a consistent, predictable flight.

“The Thunderbird is a disc that flies with the control of a fairway driver but has the long range capacity of a distance driver. Equally useful for backhand and forehand shots alike. Will definitely be a staple in my bag for years to come.” – Jeremy Koling


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Disc Type

Distance Driver, Fairway Driver

Skill Level

, ,









Rim Width

1.9 cm, 19 mm

4 reviews for Innova Thunderbird

  1. Fehlbergo


    Excellent disc to learn forehands with. I now use my G-star Thunderbird for 60-80% power forehands that I need to finish straight or distance backhands into headwinds.

  2. crowksu33

    crowksu33 (verified owner)

    Great disc. Have had a few Thunderbirds. GStar, Star and Champ. Champion starts overstable and breaks in slowly. GStar breaks in much easier. For some reason this mound in Star can be super beef and take ages to break in. Once dialed in the Thunderbird really is like a longer, faster Teebird

  3. mjw1174 (verified owner)

    As mentioned previously, this is basically a longer Teebird. Great for the windy rounds and when you need that gentle right to left fade.

  4. cam_ford

    A must have in anyone’s bag, I carry two, one more beat in that than other. WHAT A DISC. Stable, beats well and great flight.

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