Kastaplast Rask

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The Kastaplast Rask is a fast and overstable PDGA approved distance driver-  The Kastaplast Rask is a whole new take on Aerodynamics!

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Kastaplast K1 Kastaplast K1
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Kastaplast Rask

Rask is a concept disc is based on Kastaplast’s invention for drag reduction. It’s the most streamlined disc to date. A good powerful rip and it will have the job done in no time. Rask needs a lot of speed to fly, making it best suitable for power throwers and experienced players. It’s a headwind bomber.

Being less than 22 mm wide at the rim, Rask proves that a disc’s speed cannot be determined by looking at the width of the rim. Those who want the fastest disc available, without the widest rim – reach for Rask!

Rask in traditional flight specs: Speed 14, glide 3, turn 0, fade 4.

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Disc Type

Distance Driver


Skill Level










Rim Width

2.2 cm, 22 mm

1 review for Kastaplast Rask

  1. tazmorgorical

    Only two words can Describe the Flight of this Disc MEAT HOOK! Not for the faint of Heart, this is by far the most stable disc I’ve ever used and its great! Gale force headwind? Rask. 90 degree bend to throw around? Rask. Four hand Ground skip from under a Bush? Rask.
    Stupid Huge Flair Skips at any time ever??? RASK!
    I cant emphasise how stable this disc actually is so your just gunna have to try it yourself…..Maybe there should be a song about this disk??

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