16 Apr

Kastaplast First Run Nord release

Kastaplast First Run Nord release – April 18th, 11pm AEST

We generally love a Kastaplast First run release and can tell you this one’s going to be right up there with the Järn drop in terms of memorable releases.

There’s a lot to share so we’ve presented a handy FAQ with regards to the release.

Q: When is the Kastaplast Nord release?

A: April 18th, 11pm AEST

Q: OOOOH can I get one?!

A: Well yes, and no.

Q: What do you mean no?

A: Well we don’t have the stock in hand yet…

Q: But you’ve always had fresh minty discs ready to ship on release?

A: Yes we know.

Q: Well what happened?

A: No idea.  They were ordered as soon as possible, yet upon dispatch from the manufacturer our best case scenario is arriving a week late.  This is pending no freight or customs delays.

Q: This sux!

A: I concur.

Q: Well when will my order ship? I need my new mint now!

A: Best guess is sometime in the week starting 29th April.

Q: How do they fly?

A: No idea

Q: Can I pick my stamp colour and weight?

A: Yes! But only if you don’t order on the release drop and wait until arrival of the shipment and then anything not presold is processed, photographed and added to the website.  So effectively no I guess…

Q: Can I get a stock run?

A: Yes of course! 🙂

Q: Are they here? When will they ship?

A: They are in transit with the First Runs 🙁

Q: Why go ahead?

A: I don’t know.  We’ve been a part of every Kastaplast release for years.  We are disappointed with the circumstances but still wish our loyal KP fans, whom have watched the many countdown timers and leapt on their purchase in the first minutes, can still take part in some excitement.  Even if the plastic is to be a little belated.

Q: Is this going to happen again next time?

A: We hope not 🙁

👇 Watch this space for First Run Nord links 👇

👉👉Kastaplast First Run Mint Nord!👈👈

👉Kastaplast Stock Run Nord!👈

Kastaplast Nord

**Limit to one per person** Be sure to note that First Run Mint Nord is strictly limited to one per person and multiple units, orders or duplicated addresses will be cancelled and refunded.


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