RPM Huia


RPM has added a stable fairway driver to it’s range. The ‘Huia’ will fast become a favourite in your bag providing consistent medium to long range straight shots with a gentle fade. The added glide will mean that you can sneak some extra distance with your tunnel shots and the blunt nose means you won’t lose control if it hits a pocket of wind. If you enjoy throwing forehand shots you will notice the slightly deeper rim helping you grip the disc.

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RPM Huia

The huia is one of New Zealand’s best-known extinct birds because of its bill shape, its sheer beauty and special place in Māori culture and oral tradition. The bird was regarded by Māori as tapu (sacred), and the wearing of its skin or feathers was reserved for people of high status.

RPM has revived the Huia and as it was in the past, we believe it will become a prized possession in a disc golfers armory. The predictable flight and good glide at a lower speed will enable you throw medium range drives and long fairway shots with confidence. The Huia has very similar flight characteristics and feel to another famous bird in the Disc world the ‘Eagle’.

As with all RPM discs we are producing these with our unique blends of plastic and effects to provide you with the ability to get something special for your bag.

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Fairway Driver









Rim Width

1.8 cm, 18 mm


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