Prodigy MX-3 Cale Leiviska Signature Series


Cale Leiviska knows midranges. He’s been pureing buttery lines for more than 15 years, oftentimes putting his trust in a workhorse midrange like the MX-3. What made it one of the top releases of 2019 is its resistance to torque, impressive glide and dependable fade. It’s a great fit for Cale’s smooth release and midrange dominance on the fairways. Support Cale Leiviska directly with one of his 2020 Signature Series MX-3s in 500 Plastic.

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Prodigy 500 Series Prodigy 500 Series
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Prodigy MX-3 Cale Leiviska Signature Series

The Prodigy Disc MX-3 is a slightly overstable, beaded midrange that is engineered for high-level controllability and performance, meeting the demands of professionals while providing benefit to varying classes of players.

The MX-3 is designed to be highly resistant to torque, ideal for players who throw with force and need to avoid turnover. Headwinds are no match for the MX-3, with a slightly overstable to straight flight that still offers an impressive amount of glide, especially when thrown on anhyzer and flex lines. Its beaded rim provides a comfortable grip, smooth release, and consistent stability.

The MX-3 is a trailblazer, defining the path for more MX Series discs to come. For those familiar with our M Series Midrange discs, the MX-3 packs similar stability to the M2, with more glide and fades later in its flight path. Expand your midrange game with new Prodigy MX-3.

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