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17 Feb

First Run Kastaplast Göte, 5 Year Mint Rasks and New Kastaplast Flight Chart 2019

The long awaiting Kastaplast Göte has been released 13th Feb 2019 and you can grab your Minty First Run right here!

The Kastaplast Göte (4/5/0/1) is a large diameter midrange which is  slower than the Kaxe and more workable on shorter holes and when powered down.  Göte is an old Norse first name, meaning a person from Götaland (Southern Sweden). Pronounced [jøːtə] in Swedish, but it’s better known as “the Goat” elsewhere.

The Göte is a reliable point and shoot disc with nice stability, plenty of glide and a soft fade which will hit and hold the line for drives and approach shots.   The Göte suitable for straight, hyzer or anhyzer and is a perfect go to mid.

Kastaplast Rask 5 Year Limited Edition Mint

We’re also excited to finally get our hands on these 5 year anniversary, Limited Edition Mint run Rasks.  Kastaplasts famous first run mint colour was not introduced when the Rask was first released so Kastaplast fans and collectors will be excited to get their hands on these Minty Rasks.  With only 800 released worldwide, don’t miss your chance at this sweet minty piece of Kastaplast history.










Kastaplast Updated Flight Chart 2019

Last but not least check out the updated Kastaplast Flight Chart for 2019.  With the addition of the Göte the Kastaplast lineup is building nicely and filling the gaps for those building a Kastaplast only bag.  Can’t wait to see what’s to come next!



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