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06 Feb

Free Kastasplast Mini Berg with Purchase! Feb 2018

Free Kastasplast Mini Berg with Purchase!

At Portal Discs Sports we love everything Kastaplast even down to there awesome Mini Bergs and we want everyone to have one!

Mini Bergs are made to Kastasplast’s high quality standards and feature the same puddletop as their big brother Berg’s.  They are perfect markers but also make for one of the best throwing mini’s on the market.

So here’s your chance to get one free with any 3 Kastasplast discs purchased.  Just add a Mini Berg to your cart and any 3 Kastaplast discs, and the discount will be automatically applied.  Grab you’re today and don’t wait too long as offer is valid for February 2018 only or while stock lasts…

Get your free Kastaplast Mini Berg today!


Portal Disc Sports
18 Jan

New Kastaplast Flight Chart 2018

New Kastaplast Flight Chart 2018

A new year is here and it brings along with it a shiny brand new flight chart from our good friends at Kastaplast!

New the Kastaplast Stål!

The obvious addition is the Kastaplast Stål, the new overstable fairway driver released late in 2018 with Kastaplasts signature mint green first run editions being snapped up by eager collectors all over the world!  Add some shipping time and these first run minty goodness Stål’s were a little late to the party, but check out the store page and you’ll currently find some in stock.

The Stål is being compared by players as somewhere between Innova’s Thunderbird and Firebird or somewhat comparable to Dynamic Discs Felon and is all about control in varied conditions rather than max distance.  Grab yourself one today and let us know what you think!

Find Kastaplast Stal First Run at Portal Disc Sports


Updates for Kastaplast Grym

The other notable change for Eagle eyed viewers is the flight rating for distance driver the Kastaplast Grym. While this had been rated 13/5/-2/2 in the past, the new Flight Chart show the Grym as 13/5/-1/2.  No details have been released to date about the reason for the change however the general player feedback appears to be that the Grym was noticeable less flippy than other -2 rated discs in the same speed class so changes may have been made to accommodate player feedback.  It’s worth noting that the Grym’s beefy big brother, the Grym X remains unchanged at 12, 5, 0, 3.

Kastaplast Falk

The other change from the Kastaplast website which there has been community discussion over, is the Kastaplast Falk from a 9/6/-2/2 to a slightly less stable 9/6/-2/1 but this change had already been noted on a previous flight chart.

New Year, New Flight Chart, Let’s Kastasplast!

So here is in all it’s Glory, the new flight chart from Kastaplast!  Let us know what you think?   And what’s next for Kastaplast in 2018?  What gaps remain to be filled on the chart?  Arguable a more understable mid or neutral fairway driver would be next to add to the lineup but at this stage we can only cross our fingers and speculate 🙂

Portal Disc Sports
02 Jan

Spend and Earn a Free ZipChip!

ZipChips are Awesome and here’s your chance to get a cheap or free one while you stock up on shiny new plastic!

For every $20 spent online at Portal Disc Sports during January 2018, you get $2.50 off a ZipChip! Just add one to your cart and your discount will be automatically calculated for every $20 spent!

Check them out in store here!

Offer valid until end of January 2017 or while stock lasts. Spend must be in a single transaction. Zipchips do not count toward spend total and offer excludes fundraiser items.

Check out the video to see the ZipChip in action.



Portal Disc Sports
11 Dec

Naughty Or Nice?

Have you been Naughty or Nice this Year? Should you be wearing a Halo, or are you a bit of a Villain?

Well here’s a chance for our Facebook followers to judge your friends and win both this sweet L64 Decodye Villain and L64 Halo!

Just be sure you follow Portal Disc Sports on Facebook, then like this post and tag a friend telling us why they’re a Villain, or if they should be wearing a Halo.

Maybe they laughed when you threw your best driver into the river? Villain! Or perhaps they text you up when they found your favorite disc? Halo!

Enter as many times as you like, just be sure to judge a new friend each time! Keep it Disc Golf related and the best answer will win both the Villain & Halo for their efforts.

Entries close 11.59pm 24th December 2017, (after all, we need to know who is naughty or nice by then!) and winner will be announced within the following days.

Prize pack will be posted to the winner anywhere within Australia. Entries outside of Australia welcome, but winner to pay postage if selected (or prize passes to next best answer).

Have fun but be cool, Villain or not you may be judged also so keep it light and good humored. Portal Disc Sports reserves the right to refuse or delete any entries deemed too offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

So get tagging both Naughty (Villains) & Nice ( Halo‘s) and and be sure to read the other comments and like all your favorite judgments for bonus points!

Good Luck! Let’s see who is Naughty and who is Nice!

Portal Disc Sports
16 Nov

ZipChips are Awesome!

Portal Disc Sports is excited to now be stocking ZipChips right here in Australia!

Remember when you use to throw frisbee just for fun?  No rules, no bogies, no OB, no foals, no goals, just pure unadulterated fun.   Well the ZipChip can bring that back and is small enough to fit in a pocket and take it anywhere!

Check out the video to see the ZipChip in action.

The ZipChip is designed and manufactured in the USA and the team at ZipChip sports run a successful Kickstater campaign in 2015 to bring the ZipChip in mass production.  With ZipChips now available right here in Australia, it’s time to grab one and see how much fun they are!

ZipChips have been specially engineered to provide long flights of up to 60 meters and beyond with a flick of the wrist.  They are soft, malleable and easy to catch, while been durable and hard wearing to provide years of fun!

Just grip it and zip it!  Takes a few tries to get the technique down but once you do, the ZipChip flies easily to target and is simple to catch.

Something else Awesome is that the ZipChip Floats!  Whip one out at the beach or pool with no worries about it sinking.  ZipChips bright neon yellow colour make it easy to track both in the air and in the water.









So grab one here today, great as part of a warm up or cool down routine and a blast to throw for just pure fun.  So get Zipping!

Portal Disc Sports
12 Oct

The Vikings have Landed!

The Vikings have Landed!


New in Stock!

Something new has landed at Portal Disc Sports…



Viking Discs have now invaded Australian Shores and their full range of Finnish designed Disc Golf Discs can be found online in Australia at Portal Disc Sports.  With the full range available and three different plastic grades, Viking Discs is determined to make you Conquer the Course.

Viking Discs produces it range of Disc Golf Discs using specially selected German high quality plastic polymers to bring an exciting new range of weapons to your game.





Viking Discs Plastics

Ground Plastic

Viking Discs Ground plastic is the baseline plastic offering great grip in all conditions and excellent value for money.  Viking Ground plastic is an excellent choice for putters.



Storm Plastic

Viking Discs Storm plastic is a durable and stiff translucent plastic which will wear well and maintain shape and stability over time.




Ground Plastic

Viking Ground plastic is an opaque plastic offering durability and performance with a balance of grip and flexibility.   The best choice for varied conditions and all round use.




The Viking Discs Range now in Australia

Portal Discs Sports has the full range of Viking Discs Disc Golf Discs in stock in Australia ready to find new courses to conquer.  Find out more about each of the Viking Discs range below and click through to their product pages to find out full details.


Viking Discs Rune – Putter –  2  | 4 | 0 | 0

The Rune putter has a unique feel with a low profile, slow speed and minimal bead.  It’s comfortable in the hand helping you connect with this disc immediately.  The Runes bead allows the flight path to last longer and ensures you can trust the Rune even after using one a long time.  The Rune will hold any line you throw so is a great control approach disc while being great for putting, stable enough to fight the wind and has a consistent flight path which is easy to predict.




Viking Discs Knife – Putter –  2  | 3 | 0 | 2

The Viking Discs Knife putter is the first disc of the Viking Discs lineup and is a multipurpose beadless putter that can handle lots of power!  The rim design is made for both power and fan grip and with a blunt, rounded feel it makes the Knife very comfortable to throw from the tee and shorter approaches.  The Knife’s flight is stable and straight with a nice little fade finish.  If you are looking for a driving putter, the Viking Discs Knife is a great choice!


Viking Discs Axe –  4  | 3 | 0 | 1

The Viking Discs Axe is a Mid-range design to have a similar flight path to putters. A little bit more speed and glide will take Axe further than your putters, yet hold the flight path is stable and straight like a throwing putter with a nice finishing fade. The Axe profile is low with a small dome and is shaped to allow you to have a great grip on it. The Viking Axe fights against the wind and you can trust a reliable fade at the end of its flight. The Axe shines on medium long drive shots when you need control and accuracy.



Viking Discs Nordic Warrior –  4  | 4 | 0 | 2


From the Viking Discs mid-range lineup, you need to have this in your bag! You can really put power behind Nordic Warrior and it still comes back at the end of its flight path. Its not too overstable, but you can really feel the control in Nordic Warrior. The Nordic Warrior is Vikings best midrange for big hyzers and windy situations. It feels good in hand with both backhand and forehand grip.




Viking Discs Cosmos –  7  | 5 | 0 | 1

The Viking Discs Cosmos is a point and shoot type of fairway driver. When you need more distance and control, you can really count on the Cosmos. The Cosmos is designed to be a slightly understable for beginners with flight characteristics tuning into straight flight. Tight wooded courses and tunnel shots are great for the Cosmos allowing you to hit the tightest gaps with precision and confidence.





Viking Discs Berserker –  10  | 5 | -3 | 2

The Viking Discs Berserker is a fast control driver designed for long anhyzers and easy to handle rollers. Beginners can use Berserker for long s-curve distance shots while more advanced players pop easily pop up hyzer flips to flat straight shots with great glide and distance. Don’t fear the Berserker, it will help improve both technique and distance!




Viking Discs Ragnarok –  11 | 5 | -1 | 2

The Viking Discs Ragnarok is designed for long control drives when you need tight s-curves and finishing fades.  Most players will find Ragnarok very useful in many different situations.  By changing your release angle, you can shape the s-curve in any creative way you can imagine.  Ragnarok can be used for maximum distance for beginners up to advanced players .  Even for a fast driver, the rim size is comfortable and easy to grip.  The Viking Discs Ragnarok is a great first distance driver with easy control for experienced players.




Viking Discs Thunder God Thor –  14 | 5 | 0 | 2

The Viking Discs Thor is a fast and overstable distance driver even in extreme wind conditions.  You can trust Thunder God Thor to always fade!  Power throwers and forehand players will find this disc to be overstable enough for everything they throw at it while still having enough glide for maximum distance.  Thunder God Thor is accurate for long hyzers and if you release it with anhyzer and plenty of torque, you can get a straight shot with a long hyzer fade.  Wide rim with great design forces you to use all your fingers and wrist muscles to maximize your distance.  Feel the power of the TGT!



So be amongst the first in Australia to channel your inner Viking!  Grab so new plastics and Conquer your home course today!



Portal Disc Sports
22 Sep

Hyperflite Jawz Canine Frisbee

Portal Disc Sports is excited to now be stocking Hyperflite Canine Discs in Australia!  Hyperflite Jawz Canine Frisbee, Jawz Hyperflex and Jawz Pup Discs are all in Stock now!

Hyperflite Jawz Canine Frisbee

Hyperflite Logo

Portal Disc Sports is excited to now be stocking Hyperflite Canine Discs in Australia!  Hyperflite Jawz Canine Frisbee, Jawz Hyperflex and Jawz Pup Discs are all in Stock now!

Hyperflite’s Jawz disc is the toughest and best-flying puncture-resistant disc ever made and feature Hyperflite’s X-Flash™ Anti-Glare Technology. The Jawz disc stands up to gnashing canine teeth better than any other competition disc.

Shop Hyperflite Now!

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