Latitude 64 Bolt

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The Latitude 64 Bolt is an understable distance driver with a sweeping high speed turn, long glide, and strong low speed fade.

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Aqua Blue Dyed/Printed Peach Red Yellow
Plastic Type
Latitude 64 Gold Line Latitude 64 Gold Line Latitude 64 Opto Latitude 64 Opto Latitude 64 Reprocessed Latitude 64 Reprocessed
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Disc Weight
167 167 168 168 169 169 172 172 173 173 174 174 175 175
Special Feature
Dyemax Dyemax Standard Standard
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Latitude 64 Bolt

This is one of our more understable distance drivers. It goes fast as a lightning bolt and has a high speed understable flight path with good glide. This is a perfect distance driver for players with slower arm speed that want to throw far. For experienced players with more power the Bolt can still be useful when fast and understable is what you are looking for.

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Distance Driver









Rim Width

2.4 cm, 24 mm

1 review for Latitude 64 Bolt

  1. kapoww (verified owner)

    I don’t have the biggest power (best throws on flat just over 100m) and I bought this disc after seeing an in the bag with Denise Cameron who I figured had comparable power to me (I’m sure she throws further than me but I figured we’re in the same ballpark). She talked about this being her max distance driver. Being new to high speed drivers I bought a lower weight (166g) which came in recycled plastic, after a little research I found out Recycled is often a quite understable plastic.

    This thing is insanely under-stable to the point of being nearly unusable. I feel like I need to throw it on a virtually vertical hyzer to stop it turning over wildly and spearing into the ground. I rarely throw this disc. I only ever throw it when I need a driver to turn over and not come back (which is useful because at my arm speed there aren’t a lot of discs I can do that to). It also doesn’t work for me in a tailwind because (I think) I don’t give it enough airspeed to really glide.

    I’m giving it 2 stars based on the disc I have in recycled plastic. I would consider buying this disc again in Opto or Goldline to see its true potential.

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